Innovative Education for Global India Innovative Education for Global India

Innovative Education for Global India

“The Pandemic, Covid-19 has been a game changer for EDUCATION System and has affected the criteria that are considered by students and parents for studying across the globe.”

Faced with the COVID 19 pandemic situation all education over the world has gone online and as days pass by more and more learning and teaching will go online. Probably after everything gets normal online education will still dominate the field of education, so innovative ways of teaching and learning will come into picture. Learning by traveling and participating in exchange programs will become one of the ways of learning. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and other technologies will effect the Education sector widely, with innovation signaling the dawn of new methods of education that are technology oriented yet innovative and creative. This is the paradigm shift in education system that the globe is experiencing. It is the right time to get exposure to the different education system all over the globe and this is definitely going to be the next mode of education.

EduGlobeIn is a pioneer consulting company in placement of the IBCP ( International Baccalaureate Career Path ) students to Australian and US universities.


Bridge the Gap between Industry and Classroom by Traveling across the world to experience Learning.

So EduGlobeIn offers you a variety of services where you learn by participating in various Exchange Programs between students belonging to different countries, cultures and socio economic backgrounds. You get to travel to different parts of the world to experience the education system before you make a choice of your preferred University. EduGlobeIn caters to your specific needs and the entire process of application and placement to the University of your choice.

Message from the Founders:

“We need to equip our students with skills and technology that will help them to make this world a better place to thrive in. Travel to the different parts of the world to learn and experience the cultural difference, will become an integral part of learning”

Progressive Principal